3 Easy Steps to the Perfect Mantel.

Today we are going to chat about holiday mantel decor. There are so many fresh and new ways to add the holidays to your mantel. Traditional, minimalist, colorful or winter white- following these three design principals will ensure you have a dynamite mantle that expresses your personality and style. Think about the answers to these questions and you are on your way to having a well designed mantel. Do you prefer a symmetrical mantel? Everything is equally balanced. You have a mirror image on both the left and right side of you mantel.Do you like an asymmetrical look? One side is visually heavier then the other? Do you prefer fresh or faux greenery? Do you have a color story or theme in your room that you want to incorporate?  Answer those questions and you have the basics to designing the mantel that is perfect for your home? When arranging your items on your mantel follow these three easy steps. 1. Have a focal point This is the mirror, picture or large wall decor hanging above the mantel. Perhaps it’s a tv. Over the holidays it could be a gorgeous wreath. For a more casual look, you can lean the focal piece on the mantel instead of hanging. Designer tip- scale matters! It is important to get the size of this piece right. A good rule of thumb is to choose a piece that is one-half to two-thirds the width of the mantel shelf. The height of the piece will depend on your ceiling height. If you have low ceilings and a wide mantel, the right piece will likely be a long horizontal rectangle or an oval. If you have vaulted ceilings or a two-story room, you can choose a taller piece, just make sure the width is right first. Select Set as Writer

2. Do you have large interesting pieces? To keep the mantel from looking cluttered, it’s best to use large decorative items. You only need a few large items to fill a mantel. Small items lead to a cluttered look. You’ll notice in most designer mantels there are 3-5 objects on the mantel. Remember our “odd rule” principal. This is the perfect opportunity to bring in the colors and themed pieces if you want to carry those into your mantel decor. Perhaps you have metallic pops of color, add some of that color to your mantel. Do you have a rustic winter theme, adding textures and themed items like bottle floss trees, twigs, and faux snow add interest and pulls your theme and color story unto your mantel. 3. Fresh or Faux garland or greenery around the holidays can emphasize the symmetrical or asymmetrical look. Consider adding greenery to the front of the mantel, notice I said front, not the top. Arranging greenery this way can help you achieve both symmetrical and asymmetrical looks. Adjustable, removable 3M hooks will be your BFF decorating tool for your mantel.

Break the Symmetry Decor friends, even those of you who love symmetry, also crave a house that feels comfortable and lived in. So, take the opportunity to break the symmetry on the hearth. Here’s an example. Instead of matching lanterns on each side, put a lantern on one side and a similarly sized basket—to hold blankets or kindling— to balance it on the other side. There you have it friends, following these tips and tricks will ensure you Christmas mantel looks fabulous all season long. In January we will chat about how to keep your mantel looking good after the holiday decor is all packed away. ​ Bye For Now ~Tatum

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