Transform Your Home From Holiday to Winter Wow!

A New Decade! Can you believe it!?

I hope you and yours experienced some rest and relaxation over the holidays. We are in the throws of taking down and packing away our Christmas decor. It’s bitter sweet. I love the feeling of having space again in my home but it leaves my rooms feeling dark and sparse. Today I want to give you a couple ideas about how you can transform your space from holiday to winter while leaving your home feeling warm and cozy over the cold months of winter. First let’s talk winter decor. Since we are all about seasonal decor, winter decor nods to the season without the bright lights and flashy ornaments of Christmas. Here is a quick checklist of winter decor items. This list is heavy on natural and organic items for the winter season. The texture that organic items provide, offers the perfect hit of texture to provide gorgeous contrast in your home.

Birch LogsPineconesSticks/Branch’s frosted or bareEvergreen ClippingsPillar & Taper CandlesMercury GlassWinter white accessories- think babies breath, snowflakes, cable knit Lanterns Logs Faux SnowFrosted GlassSilver, Mercury, Gold itemsFresh Paper-white FlowersLog slicesAntlers​​

As you read through the list, were there any items that surprised you? Perfect!! It is a new decade, so introduce something new to your spaces. Remember you are telling your family’s story. Are any of these items meaningful to your family? Do you have any special memories attached to any of these items? Use them. Over the next few months we hunker down, we tend to enjoy more time at home. Using items that are meaning filled and nostalgic enhance the feeling and experience of home. By for Now ~Tatum

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